Interview with Dr. Chad Lamendola: A Physician’s Perspective on Well-Being

Apr 03, 2017

I am excited to share with you my interview with Dr. Chad Lamendola on this episode of In-Session with Dr. Claire. Dr. Chad Lamendola is board certified physician in Family Medicine and Associate Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at Brown University. Dr. Lamendola has a thriving medical practice in East Greenwich, Rhode Island where he cares for patients across the lifespan, including pediatric, adult, and geriatric patients. He is by far one of the kindest, most knowledgeable physicians I’ve ever known and worked with, caring deeply and supporting his patients. In Dr. Lamedola’s personal life, he is a husband and father to five children, ranging in age from 2 years to 16 years. He is an avid hiker, who loves to spend time outside, whether doing yard work or just being with his family. Listen as I interview Dr. Lamendola about work, family and how he brings self-care and well-being into his personal and encourages others to do so in his professional life.