in-session_cover-art_large_1Take control of your personal well-being and learn how to care for yourself while juggling the demands and stress of raising a family with Dr. Claire who is passionate about supporting, encouraging and teaching parents how to nurture and care for themselves so they can nurture their children. At In-Session with Dr. Claire, it’s a no-judgement zone, where we let go of guilt in parenting and focus on compassion, support, and information to inspire and teach moms and dads how to take care of themselves. Podcast topics include how to improve well-being and self-care through manageable self-care skills and strategies for busy parents. And topics also include the supporting roles of parenting, including balancing marriage/partnership, work, volunteering, friendships, in-law and family relationships, but most important, the focus at In-Session with Dr. Claire is on the well-being and self-care for you!

How to Tackle Sibling Rivalry and Create Friends for Life with Dr. Laura Markham

This episode is all about Sibling Rivalry. In my conversation with Dr. Laura Markham, author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids and Peaceful Parent, How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting and Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings: How to Stop the Fighting and Raise Friends for Life and the popular website-Aha-Parenting filled with incredible parenting resources and Read more >

Diana Spalding of Motherly On Supporting and Empowering Mamas is What Mothers Need Most

This episode is a conversation with Diana Spalding, Motherly’s Digital Education Editor, and author of the The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama: Redefining the Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Journey. She is a certified midwife, pediatric nurse, and mother of three.Diana is incredibly thoughtful, caring and passionate about supporting moms which shines through in our conversation in and Read more >

Being Judgemental

Judgmental Much? How Being Judgmental Impacts Well-Being & What to Do About It Is it just me or have you noticed our world of late is really divided? I am an optimist at heart, and if we are going to make this world better place, we have to start making the change within ourselves. This Read more >

Nurturing the New Mom with Mothering Arts Founder, Kerry Ingram

On This Episode On this episode, I speak with Kerry Ingram, creator of Mothering Arts, a multi-genertional community of women across the globe, supporting new moms during the postpartum time and in the first year of motherhood and beyond. Kerry created Mothering Arts to help mothers feel supported, nurtured and cared for in her community. Read more >

Peaceful Parenting with Dr. Laura Markham

On This Episode Dr. Laura Markham shares her perspective, wisdom and knowledge on how parents can manage the stress and challenges of parenting. I truly enjoyed our conversation. She is thoughtful, encouraging and her perspective is based on research and years of coaching parents in her peaceful parenting style. What I love most about Dr. Read more >

Interview with Dr. Chad Lamendola: A Physician’s Perspective on Well-Being

I am excited to share with you my interview with Dr. Chad Lamendola on this episode of In-Session with Dr. Claire. Dr. Chad Lamendola is board certified physician in Family Medicine and Associate Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at Brown University. Dr. Lamendola has a thriving medical practice in East Greenwich, Rhode Island where he Read more >

Are You a Burned Out Mom? Are You a Burned Out Dad?

This episode is about Burnout in Parenting! Some days, no matter how much sleep you’ve had, you feel exhausted! And while you love and adore your children, you desperately need a break from parenting. On top of feeling exhausted and needing a break, at the end of the day, there’s more work to be done Read more >

9 Strategies to Make Your New Years Resolutions Successful

This episode is all about New Years Resolutions and I’ll share 9 strategies to make your resolutions successful in the New Year! Are you ready for 2017? I sure am! 2016 has been a tough year, and while there is so much to be grateful for, this year more than ever, has been difficult and Read more >

Work, Family and Self-Care: An Interview with Jessica Granatiero of The Savory Grape

On this episode, I talk with Jessica Granatiero, proprietor of the Savory Grape and mom, about work/life/parenting balance. Jessica provides great perspective and wisdom on how she manages the roles, relationships and the demands within her life. She has an open, honest approach with a flexible mindset to learn through experience which I think many Read more >

10 Ways to Combat Holiday Materialism

Last year, I was driving my seven-year-old daughter to dance class when she spotted Christmas decorations on a store front. She said. “Mom, what do you think I should ask Santa for?” “I’m not sure, is there something you want?” I replied. She paused and said, “My life is perfect mom. I don’t want or need Read more >

6 Ways to Put Self-Care on the Holiday To-Do List

This time of year, it can seem as if there is a shortage of time with a growing to-do list for the holiday. And to increase the adrenaline, winter break and school vacation is a soon upon us, leaving less time to get everything done. While this time of year is lovely, it’s also hectic. Read more >