Work, Family and Self-Care: An Interview with Jessica Granatiero of The Savory Grape

Dec 15, 2016


On this episode, I talk with Jessica Granatiero, proprietor of the Savory Grape and mom, about work/life/parenting balance. Jessica provides great perspective and wisdom on how she manages the roles, relationships and the demands within her life. She has an open, honest approach with a flexible mindset to learn through experience which I think many of us can relate to! We talk about a lot of topics in this episode; work, parenting, working mom-guilt and self-care. My favorite takeaways: Jessica’s wisdom to set limits and realistic expectations about what she can and can’t do. And, I also love her business approach to keep Mondays free of meetings so she can get organized and re-focus for her work week. Jessica prioritizes getting enough sleep, exercise and a lovely morning routine of waking early to start her day. Jessica is simply an inspiration!

The Savory Grape is boutique wine business that provides guests with an excellent client experience where they can learn about and shop from a unique international wine selection. The brick and mortar store located in Rhode Island, is like a favorite bookstore, inviting to the novice who wishes to browse and lean more about wine but yet at the same time sophisticated for wine aficionados.

And Jessica is also the proprietor of the Savory Affair Event Planning a concept born from the needs of clients for expertise in the area of event concept and development, whether it’s for a large corporation or small intimate businesses. Jessica and her team are knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated to client services. Be sure to check out the website where clients across the country can shop and learn more.