Nurturing the New Mom with Mothering Arts Founder, Kerry Ingram

Oct 26, 2018

On This Episode

On this episode, I speak with Kerry Ingram, creator of Mothering Arts, a multi-genertional community of women across the globe, supporting new moms during the postpartum time and in the first year of motherhood and beyond. Kerry created Mothering Arts to help mothers feel supported, nurtured and cared for in her community. During this episode, Kerry and I talk about her vision in creating Mothering Arts, how the community has grown and evolved supporting moms across the world, wisdom and nurturing the new mom, and the importance of self-care for mothers, especially in the postpartum time and first year of motherhood.

Mothering Arts is committed to connecting women in a multi-generational community circle of reciprocity, and to encourage women to embrace mothering as a path of self-development and to encourage a mothers intuitive wisdom. Mothering Arts groups are inclusive, authentic and strive for honest and real connections. Connections with our elders, within our community, with our babies and with ourselves. Valuing diversity and sovereignty and encourage each leader to create a gathering that represents the needs of her community.

About Kerry Ingram

Kerry is a trained early childhood educator, postpartum doula, mother and foster parent. She is devoted to uplifting the postpartum year by creating in person inter-generational gatherings for mothers to meet and create a community of support. She offers an online course that has inspired over 100 others around the world to create local gatherings to resource and connect parents in the tender first year.

Where to Find Her Resources:

You can learn more about Mothering Arts and Kerry Ingram, by visiting the website Mothering Arts. Here, you can find valuable information and resources as well as learn about how to bring Mothering Arts to your community.

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